Lactic Acid Toner - 200ml / 6.7 FL OZ

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What is it?
A gentle leave-on lactic acid solution that starts to work immediately.

What does it do?
Hydrates the skin, lightens dark spots, exfoliates and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Why is it different?
With an optimal free acid value of 5.34% and complimentary pH of 3.8, NMF will restore radiance to all skin types without causing irritation. Enriched with Indian gooseberry extract and black tea, NMF delivers outstanding skin hydrating and brightening benefits.

The free acid value is the percentage of the acid which is actually absorbed into the skin, and it is agreed that a minimum of 4% (free acid value) is required for noticeable cell turnover. Furthermore, low pH formulations preserve the strength of lactic acid for optimal efficacy on the skin.