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Build your Pestle & Mortar AM routine so that it’s right for you

The goal of any skincare routine is to balance your complexion so that it’s performing at its best. Great skin depends on lots of factors – DNA, diet, environment, lifestyle and also how you care for it every day.

What you do every day counts and building a skincare routine that works for you is largely personal. But because there’s an overwhelming amount of advice and marketing around skincare, developing a routine that works for you and  suits your pocket and lifestyle can sometimes feel like rocket science.

The Pestle & Mortar daily skincare routine is simple and the product range is designed so that you can add additional steps as your skin requires. This way, you can target specific concerns like dullness, dehydration, oiliness and hyperpigmentation as the need arises. Your skin might not need all the things all the time. The goal is to strive for a balanced complexion that feels healthy and looks radiant. 

Your Pestle & Mortar morning routine consists of four steps that nourish your skin so that it’s set for success. Allow these four steps to become the basis of what you  do  every morning.

Renew non-foaming cleanser
Recover eye-cream
Pure Hyaluronic Serum
Hydrate moisturiser

With this foundational routine, you’re cleansing without stripping and properly hydrating the skin without clogging pores.

Skin changes both over time and from week-to-week. A consistent routine will help you to identify changes and troubleshoot areas that need help. When you need to target particular  concerns, introduce specific active ingredients. 

Dullness or no-glow

If your complexion appears lacklustre and dull, boost your core routine with an acid toner. Pestle & Mortar NMF is a lactic acid toner that gently sloughs away dead skin cells and injects additional hydration as it does so. Use it after cleansing. It’s suitable for all skin types but particularly great for easily sensitised skin because lactic acid works on the top layer of the  skin.

If  you feel that your skin needs a deeper exfoliation, use Exfoliate, Glycolic Acid Toner. It’s gentle, but not as hydrating as NMF. Stay in tune with your skin – both toners can be used at different times depending on what your skin is telling you.

Boosted protection & hydration

Sometimes, skin needs something extra, or you’re looking for a go-to instant refresher to top up your routine. Spritzing after toning and throughout the day  is a feel-good way to boost hydration, calm freshly-toned skin and quite simply  just feels amazing. Balance Facial Spritz was created for this reason – think of it as a moment of calm for you  and your skin.

Targeting dark spots with Vitamin C

There are some ingredients that are skincare super-heroes. One such ingredient is vitamin C  and among its superpowers are fading dark spots, evening out skin tone and reversing damage.  Pestle & Mortar’s Vitamin C 2-Phase serum is an intense blend of vitamin c and natural extracts for dramatically brighter-looking skin. Insert it into your morning routine after using Hyaluronic Serum.

Your complete Pestle & Mortar morning routine might end up looking like this some mornings:

Renew non-foaming cleanser
NMF lactic acid toner or Exfoliate glycolic toner
Recover eye cream
Pure Hyaluronic Serum
Vitamin C 2-phase Serum
Hydrate  Moisturiser

Remember, the key to any effective skincare routine is consistency. Enjoy your routine and practise it daily. What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.

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