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Wearing a face mask: Change up your skincare routine to avoid irritation

Many of us are getting creative around face masks – making our own or buying a stylish mask online but fashion aside, wearing a face mask habitually is not great for the skin.

Breath and sweat lead to clogged pores which in turn cause skin problems such as break-outs, acne and eczema. Additionally, just the rubbing effect of a face mask on the skin can lead to rashes, sensitisation and discomfort. Once the skin has broken out, additional rubbing will of course make matters worse.

There are a number of things you can do to prevent skin problems due to mask wearing – a woven cotton mask is a better option for skin than a fabric mask for example. But maybe the most important step you can take is to change up your skincare routine so that it’s fully locked and loaded to cope with its new normal.

Your simple routine to give skin its best chance under a face mask

What you must do is make sure that your skin is optimally hydrated, thoroughly cleansed and protected 24/7. Here’s a simple routine of products that will make sure you’re giving skin its best chance.

First off, double cleanse. If your skin is properly cleansed, you’ve reduced the risk of clogged pores straight away. Use a cleansing system that cleanses without stripping. Skin that is harshly treated loses the ability to produce natural oils. When wearing a face mask, we need our skin to be working at its natural best.

Hydration is key to skin health. If your routine includes a heavy moisturiser, switch to something lightweight and non-comedogenic. Seek out deeply penetrative natural hydrating ingredients like squalane and supplement your skin’s moisture barrier with a hyaluronic serum.

Lastly, in addition to carrying your hand sanitiser everywhere you go, make space in your handbag for a clarifying facial spritz and make spritzing your new compulsive habit. Balance facial spritz refreshes, calms and clarifies skin and should be used frequently throughout the day. Regular spritzing will mean that skin is getting revitalising hydration and protection 24/7.

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